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PT. Kencana Sukses Jaya is an engineering company specializing in water and waste water treatment – designing, testing, constructing, installating and servicing in the fields of Resources Recovery and Pollution Control.

Although PT. Kencana Sukses Jaya was established fairly recently, it has already gained positive recognition in Indonesia as a well established National company, on account of Kencana Sukses Jaya could offer it’s clients modern equipment and up to date technology to process and purify water.

PT. Kencana Sukses Jaya has the resources to provide clients a complete system from initial design through fabrication to installation, operator training and servicing.  It has become increasing vital to converse environment and preserve the world’s natural Resources.  Our system are alleviating acute water shortage and pollution problems and at the same time saving invesment and operation cost. These above activities allow PT. Kencana Sukses Jaya to complete more effectively with and is offering a worldwide view of market and technologies and competitors.

So we bring you real solutions to your problems for your Business Success.